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Under-employment is a major obstacle and epidemic in our country. More than before, unemployed job seekers are entering the new workplace with stresses such as lower salaries, and taking positions lower than their education or previous experience. This episode will help you with some strategies and mindset to help you adapt.

If you are currently under-employed, or unemployed, and expect to take pay cuts or a position that is lower than your last this is an episode for you. You may have graduated from college, and the position you accept doesn’t require a degree, this episode should be helpful. Let me know in the comments if you are challenged in any of the above scenarios.

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How to Proofread and Edit Your Resume

With all of the advice on the internet warning everyone that your resume is likely tossed with one typo, employers report there are too many errors of all sorts. Today, Lauren Milligan and offer advice to prepare your resume for perfection (although, we throw in a caveat with this point).

If you struggle with proofreading and editing your career documents. This episode will help you with what kinds of things to consider, and why. 


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I met Lauren Milligan about 5 years ago on a career panel. We kept in touch throughout the years and landed here on the show. Her career expert advice is featured on Time, Yahoo, or CareerBuilder. Back in the day, she was a co-host on a weekly podcast so you will hear how comfortable she is in our conversation. She founded the extremely successful ResuMAYDAY company located here in the Chicago area.

Here are the highlights of our discussion:


  • We stated at the beginning that who helps edit a resume is critical to a quality resume.
  • Common errors are spelling, typos, and grammar. Lauren notes inconsistencies in putting periods at the end of bullet points is problematic
  • Lauren stated  have to assume that employers will be strict about grammar on your resume, especially in the smaller details. Stating how you are detailed and then your resume failing to exhibit grammar detail will likely disqualify your candidacy
  • Another anomaly in writing is when job seekers write resume summaries the same way they do bullet points. Lauren recommends full sentences in the summary, which sets up the context for the job, and highlighted fragments in the bullets but she emphasizes consistency
  • She uses “I,” “Me,” and “My” in the summary part, but NOT in the bullet points. Her clients say that employers comment how well they connect to the candidate
  • Lauren recommends reading your resume backwards is best to focus on each word instead of a stream of words. She emphasizes that she does not trust spellcheckers.

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