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How to Use Tech in Your  Job Search

The Voice of Job Seekers - Unemployed, Underemployed, Unappreciated Job Seekers Welcomed!

She said I made her feel important, and Kris McDonald (@littletechgirl) is quite the savvy professional when it comes to tech. This episode is a job search light episode and focused more on productivity. You want to listen to this episode if you’re in-between tech usage and knowing the depth of the use of let’s say a smart phone. 

This is a special Christmas edition of the podcast. It is also the end of this season for the show. I will be publishing new episodes on January 12, 2016. You want to subscribe to the show as we talk about salary negotiation for women (although many of the same principles we discuss will apply to all). Don’t miss that episode.

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The Voice of Job Seekers - Unemployed, Underemployed, Unappreciated Job Seekers Welcomed!

    Let me tell you a little about Kris, who is a Digital Lifestyle Expert. Her press mentions include CNN, Black Enterprise, Ebony, and Huffington Post. She partners with small to large corporation clients advising on tech.

Here’s a light outline of our discussion:

  • Smartphone usage and it’s usefulness
  • Data usage and phone plans, Wi-Fi to save on data
  • Travel
  • Ideas on using syncing info from phone to computer, backing your info, calendar, phone numbers
  • Here is a link to a post about keeping your contact list no matter what phone you upgrade to
  • Photos syncing and software
  • Evernote and it’s under utilization, freemium vs. premium
  • Fresh books use to connect to PayPal, loging travel miles and expenses
  • Square or PayPal if you’re consulting to take debit or credit cards
  • Scanning receipts and documents to Dropbox
  • Using Neat and Epson to scan
  • Here is a link to a post on business efficiency written by Kris
  • Need help with your career goals, directions, or efforts? Do you need coaching or instruction? I am here for it!

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