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My name is Mark Anthony Dyson, and I am the Founder of The Voice of Job Seekers. I am a  career consultant and career advice writer, but importantly, a job seeker advocate.

I also present at colleges and other organizations, facilitated many workshops, and regularly write and create useful job search content on this blog. 

I love helping job seekers with the process of finding a career and solve their job search dilemmas. This award-winning blog helps me reach you and your job search in ways I hope you find refreshing and encouraging.

Mission: I hack and reimagine the job search process. I love helping the unemployed, underemployed, and underappreciated find jobs and notice you!

The Voice of Job Seekers is about solutions from many angles, unravel employer mysteries, and answer as many questions to help you. I help  job seekers from all educational and cultural backgrounds. Even if you are employed and looking to move on, you will find advice that will fit your situation. I provide individual consultation, coaching, mentoring, and development to give you the voice an employer is waiting to hear. I can customize an affordable package for you and your job search and career management needs.
My background… I have been on both sides of the hiring spectrum as a job seeker and a hiring manager in the call center and retail management world. The last seven years I have counseled, coached, consulted, and mentored hundreds of job seekers with their job search. One of the highlights of my career as a consultant was traveling and training job seekers at Army federal bases on the east coast and Midwest of the United States.
 I have helped hundreds of job seekers with their job search strategies with tools, resources, and coaching. I achieved a B. A in Communications from the University of South Florida, and a MAEd. specializing in Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix. It is a perfect marriage of my experience as a Career Consultant, a job search strategist, and as an educator.
I offer solutions through workshops and consultations in the following areas:
Career advice
Career Education Writing and Content
Job search strategies
Personal branding
Workshop facilitation
Unconscious Bias


Feb 21, 2021

I am fortunate to have Tristan Layfield on the show to talk more about today's job search and how it is experienced through Black Professionals' lives. Many of the long-standing challenges for Black professionals are exacerbated by the COVID pandemic and the civil uprising last summer. This is one way to keep the momentum and exposure of equality issues resolved in the new workplace.

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Let me tell you more about Tristan:

He is the founder of, a service helping professionals with resumes, cover letters, career coaching, and the like. He is a LinkedIn Top Voice for 2020 in job search and careers and featured in Black Enterprise and The Muse.