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Why Trashing a Current Employer on Facebook Makes You Unhirable

Chandra Lee has loads of hiring nightmares, and she will share a few with me this summer. This episode, as well as the others Chandra and I will publish, are intended to help you intentionally build a strong online brand despite any past lapses in judgment. One of the easier things you can apply right now is to stop sharing negative stories about your employer, coworkers, or work products.

Chandra Lee (@ChandraLee) is the founder and managing partner of Lee Integrations, LLC. She has worked with many companies, brands, and clients including celebrities. She works to assist others to extend their brand and relationships worldwide with the goals of enhancing their business and personal networking.

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Chandra says that in her business, you have to be an avid user of the product to garner serious consideration


    • She regularly screens potential candidates through their social activity
    • One candidate that we highlight regularly complained about her current employer on Facebook
    • This person went into detail about work situations, bosses and coworkers and continually called them names
    • As Chandra viewed this person comments, she pictured herself being talked about in a couple of months if she hired her
    • As intense as the complaints continued especially around the holidays, the complainant (the now former candidate), posted that her boss gave a $5,000 and an iPad
    •  Employers like Chandra look for fit regardless of the resume quality, accomplishments and achievements
    • Although she continued to complain throughout her career changes on Facebook, she also continued to experience job search challenges
    • She is constantly committing career suicide primarily due to her derogative comments on social media. She doesn’t understand the full power of social media. He comments have caused her jobs and opportunities despite “high-level” skills
    • Chandra recommends showing your personality, volunteer work, and positive comments and resources to strengthen your brand

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