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Going into vacation mode, I wanted to offer some job search advice in what you can do in a pinch. Employers seem to ignore you lately. No call backs from employers, network contacts, or even seeing leads from anywhere.

Your job search  is in "code blue."

"Code blue" is a term used in hospitals when a patient is in distress. The heart has stopped. Resuscitation methods are in place. The team of residents, doctors, nurses et al deployed. This is critical, as it needs to be with your job search, and action is essential. 

What do you do during when your job search lacks a heartbeat? When nothing is happening, how do you respond? I'd love to know what your thoughts and how you handle a lack of responsiveness from your efforts. Here's how you can let me know:

  • Call and leave a voicemail at 708-365-9822, or text your comments to the same number
  • Go to, press the “Send Voicemail” button on the right side of your screen and leave a message
  • Send email feedback to


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